RAM question. 1x2gb vs 1x2bg + 1x512mb

Quick question for the community.

My laptop used to have 2x512mb RAM. I just bought a 2gb stick. Which would be faster

1x2gb + empty slot


1x2gb + 1x512mb

The second one of course gives me 2.5 gigs of RAM, but I'm worried that having inconsistent ram in the two slots will slow things down.
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  1. It depends on the speeds of the memory, but in most cases, it won't noticeably slow anything. You'll see a difference in memory-intensive applications...but pretty much that limits you to memory and CPU benchmarks, and even then, the difference will be slight.
  2. They're both 667. I'm not sure about the timings. So you'd go for the 2.5gig arrangement?
  3. The memory will all revert to the slowest module's timings. But it'll be fine. You won't be overclocking or whatnot, so the more memory the merrier.
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