Continously beeps and unable to start

my dell inspiron n4010 laptop fell in water and now it unable to start and beeps continously..please tell me what is problem in my laptop.
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  1. Well, by trying to start it up it is probably fried, could be a variety of issues, bring it in for a likely expensive repair or buy a new one.
  2. the problem is it fell in the water. Most likely it is ruined and you would to send it back to Dell to get repaired at your cost.
  3. The ONLY thing I can recommend is to remove the battery, RAM and Hard Drive and blow in hot air for a while with a hair dryer (perhaps on LOW HEAT) for five minutes. Then reinsert the components and try it again.

    Beeping indicates a hardware problem, but there's a chance that water is remaining trapped inside and causing problems. Anyway, you have nothing to lose by trying the above method.
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