AMD 2500+ idle@72C/165F

Hi all, I'm currently running my AMD 2500+XP at 1833MHz with a 333fsb and it's just burning up, I tried both the stock cooling fan and the Vantec Aeroflow, and I'm getting the same results...

IS 70C/160F a normal idle temp for this CPU with these settings? Any solutions/ info would be greatly appreciated.

Windows XP
Athlon 2200XP @1800 MHz
512 MB DDR 2700
ATI Radeon AiW (AGP)
ATI Radeon 7500 (PCI)
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  1. There's definitely room for improvement on that. You're sure you've got your HSF put on with the thermal compound correctly?

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  2. It seems too high. Use different software as <b><A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=blue>MBM5</A></b></font color=blue> to double-check its temp.

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  3. Holy $#!? that's hot. I would say you have a problem. Definately check out the HSF.

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  4. Since you didn't mention BSODs, random reboots and good old fashioned crashes, I would question the acuracy of your temp sensor. If you can hold your finger on the top of the hsf and not feel like its burning, it's the thermal sensor. If that's the case I would rma the board. If the chip is getting that hot, and you are sure you have the hsf on right way round, I would check the voltages to the cpu.
  5. that's just crazy!!! my block heater (T-Bird 1400) doesn't even go that high~~ try using several different programs to check the temp and as long as u can put u finger against the HSF for 10 second without screaming, it's probably broken heat sensor

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  6. A. asus boards typically report high temps.
    B. Asus probe also does the same.

    If the heatsink is warm to the touch and your system is fine then FORGET ABOUT IT.
    or download motherboard monitor and get a second opinion.

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  7. Heh and here i am worrying about the summer heat. Its 30C in my room now and my 2.2ghz tbred on 1.8v is idling at 43C. Ok so I cheated slightly and bought a 12" fan and took the side panel off but its either this + 43c or panel on and 51C.... BTW I think this fan shifts 10,000CFM or something LOL. Nice and quiet though :)

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  8. Alright it's roll your eyes and smack me in the back of the head time, because I didn't update my bios when I put in the new CPU hahaha.

    Fact of the matter was before the bios update you could fry an egg on the fan after using the cpu intensively, and it broke 80C while playing games.

    Now that the new bios is in, and I've reinstalled the Vantec Aeroflow, the cpu is wroking fine at and idle temp of 43C.

    Thanks for the posts guys/gals, this comunity has always been the best for aid/troubleshooting.

    Peace out.

    Windows XP
    ASUS A7V8X
    Athlon 2500+XP @1822 MHz
    512 MB DDR 2700
    ATI Radeon AiW (AGP)
    ATI Radeon 7500 (PCI)
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