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Hi I want to buy a gaming laptop and right now im looking at this

Is this really the best gaming laptop for a price range of 400-600?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Well HD 4570M is a mid-low card so don't expect to play games on it on good settings
  2. Well, like I said is there anything better for 600£?
  3. Thanks that should do the job. On a side note why when i search Acer Aspire 5740G to get different prices over ebay or other sites does it show different graphics cards?
  4. Well i did a search and find another model: 5740
    The difference is that the "G" model has HD 5650M in it whereas the non "G" model has Intel HD graphics
  5. I mean this.

    One you gave me = top

    This one, same name different graphics card. Theres quite a few out there with different cards, i'm just wondering whos in the right because i might be ordering the wrong one, lol.
  6. I see,well the end of their model is a code and its different but to be sure just ask laptopsdirect about the one having a 5650M
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