Which HDMI input to use?

I don't have a home theater. I have a new Sony KDL40BX420 LCD television. I haven't made any connections at all, not yet. Later today I will pick up a high definition converter box from Cox Cable. All I want to connect is the Cox Cable high definition converter to the tv.

The tv has two HDMI inputs. The Sony instructions and connection examples all have multiple inputs schemes. They say connect the DVI device to the HDMI Input 1, using a DVI to HDMI cord.

All I want to connect is the Cox Cable hi def box. Nothing else. Can I just connect that to HDMI Input 1 or do I have to use HDMI Input 2 and leave HDMI Input 1 empty?

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  1. Just connect to HDMI 1 with HDMI cable (no DVI involved).
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