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So i just got my sisters old Inspiron 1521 And its a dual core 1700mhz processor but for some reason Dell or someone else underclocked it to 800mhz and now all my games are incompatible, any tips? I need to know how to reclock or overclock?
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  1. Well, theres a couple possibilities. Many dells have a bios option for CPU speed. the choices are often labeled something unhelpful like auto & legacy or compatible. You want auto. Another possibility is that your cpu is actually running normally. laptop cpus will clock down under minimal usage to save energy.
  2. You may want to put your computer in 'high performance' or 'balanced' mode when playing games. You can view these power profiles in control panel.
  3. I have the same issue. I set the BIOS options to prevent the power saving features to slow down the CPU, but still the PC runs slowly.

    Sometimes in the BIOS the current speed is the regular one (1.8 GHz for my Turion TL-56), but when logging into windows it goes back down to 800 Mhz.

    Perhaps important thing if it's any help is that CPU-Z reads the speed as 1.8 GHz, but rates HyperTransport at the mentioned 800 MHz. DarkDemon could you check what CPU-Z says to you? Other people on the internet saw a low multiplier, but generally the processor model wasn't relevant (I read about TL-50 all the way up to TL-60. Everyone is stuck at 800 MHz)

    Please help us!

    PS: already tried uprgrading and downgrading BIOS, and powering up with only AC power plugged (no battery inserted)
  4. To anybody still listening, try to unplug your AC adapter and SWITCH ON the laptop from OFF with only the battery.
    I was able to determine that Dell's AC adapter are very poorly designed (a friend of mine changed 4 of them in 3 years), if you go with just the battery, or another compatible adapter, the speed goes up to its nominal value.

    Thanks for nothing
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