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Ok i have a copy of windows 7 on Disk which i bought many years ago, but never used.Im getting a retina Mac book pro (in 1 week time ) and plan to use bootcamp to let me use windows on it. The thing is my Rmb doesn't have a Disk drive so i cant use the disk to install windows 7 :>( is their anyway i can extract the ISO of the disk? or get the iso somehow as i have a geniune unused license key.

On another note do you think 55GB will be enough for Win7 64,Steam and 3 games?
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  1. That only converts anISO TO a uSB instalstion disk i havent got the ISO unless i can form one from the disk using something like IMg burn/download 1
  2. You could make an ISO from your DVD or you could download one from Microsoft. Get them here:


    As long as you have a valid license, you will be good to go.
  3. Try IMG Burn, it can read the iso right from the disk and place it into a file.
    Hope this helps!
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