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really struggling here. my laptop just doesnt go that loud. i know it is good quality audio as when i plug it into the tv through an audio jack it sounds great but i need something small and strong to carry in my laptop case that will boost the sound on it. is there something i can install or will it need to be a plug in device?
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  1. ive also been trying it out with headphones and different programmes and it goes louder with the little youtube window volume adjustment- you know the extra volume control on a youtube player:

    anyway, that seems to override the volume output and takes it louder than max volume.
    as does the volume control on my ifrogz,Audio-headphones,Headphones-26554 which i dont really understand... is that normal for headphones and players to be able to override the max volume?
  2. sounds like the volume isnt turned up all the way in windows audio properties.
    but its possible to have an audio player push the volume beyond 'maximum'

    see.. most software and drivers have a predefined level that they use for 100% volume.

    the actual soundcard might be able to play louder and the limit is a software restriction.

    youtube doesnt play any louder than the predetermined software limit.
    sometimes even software that comes with a soundcard doesnt push the soundcard as loud as it can go.
    using an audio player that goes beyond the normal 100% can help.

    the popular audio player 'foobar' will raise the volume more than '100%'

    it works like this..
    the audio is sent to the soundcard with a programming language.. not 1's and 0's
    in a simple world.. the audio is actually 1's and 0's but the 'font size' of those 1's and 0's go up and down to make the volume go up and down.
    but in reality there are only two ways to do it.
    one way is to send audio information to the digital to analog convertor on the soundcard.
    the other way is to simply send 1's and 0's to the digital to analog convertor on the soundcard, and then there is a controller on the soundcard to change the amount of electricity.. and this works just like how a program controls the speed of a fan by adjusting the electricity going to it.

    IF your soundcard receives simple 1's and 0's .. the 100% being said in the audio program might not be the same 100% for the controller on the soundcard.
    that is why using a program that goes up to 110% will help.
    the extra 10% makes the controller on the soundcard reach closer to its maximum.

    the other way is a little bit more confusing.
    because the digital to analog convertor reads the computer language and turns those words into electricity.
    the problem with this is simple.
    it might be better to say the same thing using different words.
    just like picking a word to describe what happened.. if you pick up a dictionary and find a word that means the same thing.. maybe using the word from the dictionary sounds better (has more clarity and detail)

    the 1's and 0's are an equation of math.
    sometimes you can use a smaller equation to say something.
    its really the same as comparing high school math to college math.
    and sometimes its the length of the equation that is important.
    using a short equation might lack the variables needed to pass along all of the points of information.

    a point of information = 1 detail
    more points of information = more detail being communicated.

    but life is complex and making hardware read math is an art.
    your soundcard might create better audio clarity if the equations are upgraded to shorter ones.
    if it works, that means your soundcard's processor was too busy reading an equation that was saying a whole lot of nothing (not straight to the point conversation)

    maybe your soundcard might sound better if the equations are extended because the amount of information falls short (incomplete sentences)

    and maybe your soundcard is suffering from a lack of punctuation in the sentences (run-on sentences)
    run-on sentences of math look like illicit equations.
    and to clear up those equations.. you might have to shorten them, or you might have to extend them.

    anyways.. the only reason i am saying this is because if the 'words' being sent to the digital to analog convertor are not the exact word to use.. it might be causing your DAC to distort early.

    and maybe your DAC distorts before the capacitors and resistors and diodes on the circuit board start to distort.

    and maybe your capacitors and resistors and diodes on the circuit board are starting to distort before the DAC distorts.

    sometimes the software will cause the soundcard to distort faster than other programs that do the same thing.
    this suggests the program is transferring math to the soundcard.
    and obviously, if one program sounds better than the other.. and they are both doing the same thing, one program has the correct math.

    and that means, if one program can have wrong math and work.. and one program can have better math to sound better.. obviously there is secret math that makes an improvement again.

    with all of these options as to how it works .. your problem should have new light.
  3. laptops do have very little power for audio. A compact pair of powered speakers is really what you need
  4. I think that some of the plug ins like the DFX Enhancer or the SRS Labs product tend to boost signal somewhat. You may try one of those.
  5. You can get a little more sound by following these steps. Control panel - sound - click into your speakers (realtek/etc) - enhancements - tick the equalizer - press the . . . button - max out all levels - rename Loud. Enjoy a 25 - 50% sound boost ;)
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