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I am getting ready to go off to college for graphic design and i am purchasing a new laptop. I absolutely despise touchpads, but i have to have a laptop for portability, and i am already 100% decided on one. In order to fix my issue with touchpads, i plan on purchasing a USB mouse to use instead of the pad. I have a few in minds ( i will post links) and i wanted some advice between them and some advice about mice in general, as i have absolutely no expertise in the area. I do know that i want a laser mouse as opposed to an optical or trackball, and that i would prefer a wireless mouse for portability and convenience (i am well aware of the downsides of wireless mice). I do not want to spend over $30 or $35 for sure, but if i ABSOLUTELY have to, then i will. I'm not that concerned about the looks of the mouse, but i would prefer something that doesn't look like a wrist torture device and if there are color options, black grey and red are my preferred colors. One of my friends suggested a mouse to me that is over my price range, optical, and wired, but if it is truly that much better, i guess i could spend the extra money.

Here are the links:

My favorite so far:

Others i found:

The one my friend suggested:

He also said that Logitech is the best mouse brand. I guessed that this (as with most things in the computer industry) was a total opinion and that there is truly no "best" mouse brand. However, if anyone could suggest reliable brands to me and warn me of unreliable brands, that would be well appreciated.

Thanks for your time and help :D
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    If you are doing graphic design have you thought about a graphics tablet. You can get far greater control and precision with them, than you can with a mouse
  2. actually, i already talked to a Graphic Design student and he suggested just that... i already have on picked out and a mouse picked out....he said that a cheapo standard mouse is fine if i get the tablet. Thanks for the help, though :D
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  4. Thanks for giving me best answer. Wishing you all the best at college. Theres lots of fun to be had there.
  5. no problem, and thanks. i'm pretty
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