HDMI laptop to tv Issue.

I have a 40 inch Samsung LN-t4061f, When trying to connect my laptop (Asus G73sw) the picture flickers to black every 4-8 seconds. I have tried numerous things but the only way I have been able to get this to stop is setting the refresh rate to 30. This is "ok" but then what the TV shows is quite laggy compared to what is happening on the computer. I have tried everything from different resolutions, different TV settings, updating vid drivers.. nothing has seem to give me a solution to able to watch the TV at 1080p and 60hz.
Does anyone have a soluti
on to this issue? The cable worked fine on another setup, and I have tried multiple ports. VGA also works fine but I would rather use HDMI due to resolution // sound carrying capabilities.
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  1. Probably the processor is overflowing. There are too many things running on the computer and the processor is going 100%.
    When the processor goes 100%, the video will lag and jitter, freeze. This produces poor quality video. In fact, (trivia) the larger the screen, the more processor is used.
    There's not a lot you can do except get a computer with more processor power, like a quad core. Dual core is useable but does not produce the video quality of a 4 core. Single core is pretty poor for video.
    Another thing you can do is delete as many applications from the computer as possible. This helps to free up more processor and memory. Check to see that you have at least 1GB memory installed.
    BUT, you can update drivers, hardware, and it won't cure the lack of processor space.
  2. Asus G73sw is an i7 with 8gigs of ram.

    It was a cable issue. I tried a newer one without those cylinder filters on each end and it solved my issue.
  3. yeah. even if it wasnt the cable you could not just assume its the processor as it could have been any number of things.

    i have an asus laptop myself and the hdmi cable i bought for connecting up to the tv doesnt have the magnet cylinders on the ends either. even a cheap $5 hdmi will work.
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