Main Administrator Passsed Away We Don't Know Password

My grandkids have a computer with windows 7. The person who set up the main administrator account with a password, passed away. We don't know what the password is. How can we make this computer accessible to all. We cant do upgrades, download virus protection software or make any changes . What can we do.
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  1. Sorry can help you with password problem on Tom's Hardware. Bring it to a shop to get it change.
  2. google your question, you'll get hits.
  3. Reinstall Windows.
  4. The Stealthinator said:
    Reinstall Windows.

    Hi :)

    And lose all their info..I think not....

    Take it to a local computer shop and explain the situation, assuming they believe you they will remove the password for a small charge....

    My shops in the UK do it.... and when we tell the customer they are being video recorded, it soon makes it easy for my staff to tell if they are being honest, from their reaction :)

    All the best Brett :)
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