My Toshiba Satellite

Hello, My Laptop loads fine when started but as soon as I get the windows 4 Dots turning it is a Blank Screen..PLEASE help.Thankyou all You nice people...Kylie x
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  1. Make sure you don't have your laptop plugged into a monitor or TV before booting. This can cause Windows to get confused as to which display to show up on. If you aren't connected to another display, continue reading.

    The first thing to do is boot into safe mode. This can be done by hitting F8 before the Windows loading screen pops up, and using the arrow keys to move down to Safe Mode and hitting enter.

    If Windows starts fine using safe mode, I'd recommend that you right click on the desktop and select "screen resolution" and set it to something low, like 1024x768. When you reboot into normal Windows, you'll have to re-increase your resolution to something that looks nice but that your screen can still handle.
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