Why Can't I Get 5.1 Sound On My Win 7 System! HELP!

Hi guys

My System is:

i7 Processor
6GB DDR3 Ram
ATI Radeon HD 5800 series
DFI LanParty JR X58 T3H6 Motherboard

I've recently installed windows 7 64bit home premium on it and I'm trying to setup up my surround sound via optical cable to my amplifier which all was working fine when I had XP running (no problems at all and sound was perfect)

Since installing Win 7 I've only had headache trying to get the sound working how it was before, and I'm now at the point where I honestly dont know what to do.
I've installed the latest Realtek Audio driver R2.46 but to no avail I dont even get the option to select 5.1 in the audio settings or Realtek HD audio Manager! Which I did before when I was running Win 7 on my old system just after upgrading from XP, but even though I could get it on my old system (running Win 7) it still wasn't true surround as i had to force it through the settings ie: ticking the room option etc.

Which resulted in really poor sound quality, hence why I pretty much bought a whole new system (spec above) thinking this would sort it out. WRONG!

I'm now still in the same place, I'm not seeing any option for 5.1 at all even though it says the HD driver is installed, I tried letting Windows install the driver automatically but no joy there either! Which makes me think this problem stems from windows 7 itself?

I searched some other forums also the web and have seen countless people with the same problem so surely it is?

More to the point has anybody out there solved this problem? If so how?
And PLEASE if anybody can help me I will be truely grateful as right about now my head feels like it's going to explode!!

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  1. I had a similar problem - you have to use Win7 sound control. Click on the Sound icon in the tray, select the speaker icon at the top of the volume control. That will open a window where you can select tabs for General (spkr config), Levels, Enhancements, and Advanced. I liked the RealTek panel better, too.
  2. Thanks treefrog07 but i've tried that already and still no joy, like i said i tried all drivers and nothing i have no option to select 5.1 at all, anything else you can think of that may help? thanks
  3. Have you tried installing some old versions of Win7 drivers previous to 2.46??
  4. Hi saran008 yeh i've tried the previous realtek drivers also and had no joy there either, will try that again tho just incase. will let you know how it goes,

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