Windows root>\system32\hal.dll

I have a compaq presario V6000 laptop. Was fine night b4 and turned on next day to find error mess. says file missing or corrupt lease reinstall windows root>\system32\hal.dll can someone please help on what to do in this situation? Thanks SD
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  1. I'm thinking you should find a new copy of hal.dll for your specific version of Windows (perhaps online... perhaps from a donor PC). On the busted computer, go into the command prompt only safe mode and copy that file into the directory you listed and then run the regsvr32 command on that particular DLL to re-register it with Windows. If safe mode doesn't work, boot from your Windows CD and choose the repair option and do it from the repair console. That might just work.
  2. thanks for your input. I actually found the info online at the HP site and already up and running. Thanks again though.
  3. I have another laptop that is my sons. He brought it to me hoping I could fix it. It is a Toshiba Satellite M45-S265. When I turn it on, it shows a black screen and its asking for a password. This laptop belonged to my dad and I gave it to my son when my dad passed away, We have no idea what password the system is requesting. Can anyone offer a suggestion? We cannot get past this screen into bios or anything else and there are no disks with the laptop. Thanks, Lylasia
  4. try this bootable CD

    or alternatively contact Toshiba and they should be able to help you out.
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