Switching Heat sinks, best way to clean?

Looking for the best or safest way to clean the processor chip in order to install a new heatsink. New at this so I'm not sure how sensitive the top of the chip may be?

any input appreciated



Gigabyte 8KNXP Mboard
SilenX 460w 14 dBA Active-PFC PSU (very quiet)
CPU P4/3.0CGHz 800Mhz W/ HT--stock HSF(very Noisy)
1GB (2 x 512) OCZ C2 PC3500 EL DDRAM
WD 120GB 8mb/7200rpm mod# WD1200JBRTL
1-PNY FX5200 Ultra 8x VGA/DVI out AGP card
1-PNY-FX5200 8X 128Mb DUAL VGA out PCI card
Panasonic 1.44MB FDD
Khypermedia CD-RW (freebie)
CASE KINGWIN KT-436WM SILVER (5 fans and quiet)
XP Pro
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  1. i have used alcohol and acetone since you have a p4 you really have nothing to worry about...because you never come in contact with the actually chip...just a heat spreader on top of the cpu's core...acetone works the best for me.

    There is no smell better than fried silicon :evil:
  2. You'll hear a lot of suggestions, but I just rub it with a paper towel. The rubbing action heats up the compound and makes it come off.

    Yes, that does leave an invisable film of interface material. No, I don't think it matters.

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  3. Done deal, Hopefully this new fan will be a bit quiter than the stock Intel.

    Thanks for the quick responses, much appreciated


  4. i suppose try crashmans method...if that works great...if not then use more "extreme" measures...starting w/ alcohol.

    There is no smell better than fried silicon :evil:
  5. i find that with the gummy stuff, its best just to take the fan off and run the thing under hot water. it just melts right off. much easyer. make sure you dry it with a hair dryer, if you let it air dry slowly you will get water spots on it and maybe even mineral deposits.

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