Problem: Xbox 360 on a 24.5" Asus monitor

I have this beautiful, 24.5" 16:10, 1920x1200 native resolution Asus LCD monitor I bought a while back which is currently my main PC monitor, and an old 27" honking standard def CRT TV that I have all my consoles hooked up to.

Well, I got the bright idea of hooking my xbox 360 to the monitor using its HDMI port. The problem is, when I do so the image looks like total crap. I set the Xbox to 1080p, its hooked up using an official Xbox hdmi cable (came with the xbox), and it just looks *awful*. Everything looks jagged and all of the edges are pixelated on any detailed models. Text looks absolutely phenomenal though. I tried setting the xbox to 720p as well, and it made no difference.

For reference, the game I tested was Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The box says it supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p display modes, but everything looks slightly pixelated during normal gameplay, and combat models are so aliased it looks like i'm playing an old ps1 game on an HDTV with the ridiculous amounts of upscaling jaggedness going on. The thing is, I've googled to my hearts content, and couldnt find any issues with the game itself. I actually hooked it back up to my 27" standard def CRT and it looks *better*, aside from the text being completely unreadable on a standard def display. Everythings nice and smooth, just the natural jaggedness of the model.

I'm thinking it's taking the 1080p signal from the xbox and force stretching it to fit the 16:10 native aspect ratio of the monitor, causing jagged edges and slight vertical stretching, since i'm not getting any black bars on the top or bottom. Is there any way to make this work, or am I just hosed unless I finally replace that old CRT tv with a 16:9 1080p HDTV?
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  1. So the monitor needed to be set separately to 1:1 aspect control to get the black bars and not stretch the 1080p image, but it still looks very foggy/aliased. Any ideas, or is this just because its a "monitor" and not a "TV"?
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