Beyerdynamic dt770 pro 32 vs logitech g930

I was wondering how the difference is between a "studio headset" like DT770 against a 7.1 headset like Logitech G930 is?

I was at the local hi-fi store and they told me it was better to use a GAMING headset like G930 for all around PC useage with focus on music and movies.

Is he correct?
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  1. No. Gaming headsets do not put the emphasis on hi fidelity and accurate reproduction.
    You want HiFi headphones, that cover the entire ear with a cup, for music and movies.
    Salespeople are only going to tell you what makes them the most money, and it is generally BS.
    Salespeople for the most part, know NOTHING about audio. There are a few who do, but they won't recommend gaming headsets for hifi, that's a good test.
  2. Agreed with soundguru - Grado and an Beyer make much better headphones than logitech for hifi
  3. I just picked up a Sennheiser HD 202 MK II on Amazon to replace my Sony V150. The Sony will go with lhe laptop. I've had Sennheisers before and they are comparable to similar Beyer headphones.
  4. I wil let you know how the Sennheisers sound.
  5. The Sennheiser 202s have a very nice sound from an under $40 over the ear (read sound cancelling) headphone.
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