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I am having a good deal of trouble with my Windows 7 machine. I constantly get an error message that says 'Windows didn't shut down properly' error every time I start up. Well, I booted the machine up and the project I was working on in a program won't open correctly, and my iTunes can't read the XML for my playlist, etc.. I think I may be pretty screwed on not being able to recover my project. I'm not sure where to go from here, or how/why it chose to delete this information.
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  1. What program were you using and is there no way to get the saved part of your project ? Some times certian programs have a clipboard that things are put on to be used later.
  2. Davinci Resolve. The instructions for the programs say that the database should be stored in C:\ProgramData\Blackmagic Design\Davinci Resolve\Support\Resolve Disk Database.
    I can't locate the 'Support' folder.
  3. Did you do a search of your computer ?
  4. Okay, found it after un-hiding the project. I'm not sure if this is going to be recoverable though. What could have caused windows to flip out on me like this, and what can I do to prevent this?
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