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I just built my computer today and every time I power it up, it turns itself off after a short while. I don't even have time to go into the BIOS. What could the problem be here? I have a p4 2.4c w/HT, ASUS p4p800 deluxe mobo, sapphire ati radeon 9500 with 1 gig twin x corsair pc 3700 ram. One more note, the longer I leave the computer off, the longer it will last when it turns on and when i take the processor out, the computer doesn't turn off. So what problems could there be?
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  1. sounds like power.... how big is it?
  2. could also be overheating...

    There is no smell better than fried silicon :evil:
  3. Check to make sure the motherboard isnt shorting against the case

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  4. Could be that you have two masters on one cable. Could also be that you have a drive cable with pin one connected to pin 40. Last thing, have you got the aux power connected to your video card?
  5. just check if the processor is overheating
  6. what this sounds like to me is either:
    <b>a)</b>CPU FAN not plugged into a CPU FAN header, so the mobo thinks the CPU fan is not spinning and kills power to save the CPU.
    <b>b)</b>Heatsink is seated incorrectly (not making good contact with the CPU)

    I would be more inclined towards <b>a</b>, because a P4 shouldn't just die if it's overheating a little, and I would expect it to get to the BIOS.

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  7. My power supply is 430 watts, very adequate. I was wondering, sorry if this sounds stupid, but why do the fans have 2 plugs on them? I've only been plugging in the parts that connect to the power supply cuz I don't know what to do with the other ones. What do you do with the other part?
  8. aha! The other part (the one with just one wire) must be plugged into a little header on the Mobo, probably labelled 'CPU_FAN' or something similar. It's the fan speed cable, which allows the BIOS to monitor how fast your fans are going. That's probably your problem. (see 'A' in my above post)

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
  9. It's not a single wire plug, its the same as a power plug from the psu except it's white.
  10. your problem is that you need a fan that plugs into a fan header on your motherboard any fan will do...your motherboard is trying to sense a fan for the cpu and it thinks that none is on the cpu becase it is getting no signal from the fan header on the motherboard.

    There is no smell better than fried silicon :evil:
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