On newegg, do laptops also include basic software along with Windows 7 home premium. For instance, I'm looking at ASUS A52JR-X1.
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  1. What do you mean basic software? Theyll have all the usual stuff, and most likely trial edition of office as well
  2. They will come with the drivers and the Win 7 software (ie,minesweeper and the like) beyond that no guarantees unless they list it with the laptop. One I bought a few years ago came with Office 2007 but that was well advertised.
  3. What basic software ? When I make hardware purchases, the sale is contingent on having no "bloatware" installed. If it ain't on the Windows install DvD, i don't want it ....and I could also do w/o much of what is on there Media Player, MSIE etc.

    You can get "basic software" for free by downloading it....AV, OpenOffice .... so again, if you tell su what you want, w ecan point you to it.
  4. I mean does it have Microsoft Office.
  5. My dell laptop came with... microsoft works, some others will come with this, some will come with a 60day trial of office, depends on the vendor, no idea wat asus does sorry
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