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I'm looking at some 17.3" gateway laptops for a family member. The NV7915u uses the integrated Intel HD graphics on the Core i3 330M, and the NV7316u uses the integrated AMD/ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4200 graphics.

Given that they won't be able to tell the difference between an AMD cpu at 2.2Ghz and an Intel cpu at 2.13Ghz, does anyone know which one will play games better, specifically HL2 and WoW?
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  1. Don't expect great gaming performance from either HD 4200 or Intel HD graphics,they can handle HL2 and WOW on low settings with a low resolution.
  2. How much is the gateway? We may be able to find a model with discrete graphics in that price range.
  3. The AMD model is $579 and the Intel model is $629 at bestbuy. If it was me I would definitely spring for dedicated graphics, but it won't be used for gaming much. I've looked into HP, with the education discount you can get a dv7t with 4GB or ram with a Nvidia G 105M for $780 or with the Nvidia G 320M for $873. There is also the Gateway NV7901u on newegg for $850 which has a Mobility Radeon HD 5650. Unfortunately I think price is more of a concern than gaming power.
  4. In general, dedicated/discrete graphics will always trump integrated unless the computer is really, really old.
  5. Eww. I hate best buy.. they try to confuse people by not posting full system specs and sell them overpriced crap.

    If price is more important to you, however-- its difficult to avoid Intels integrated graphics. Because they put them on the CPU die most cheap laptops use that option.

    Another option in this price range are the Dell Inspiron 17 with an i3/4gb for $599 (15 is cheaper)

    Some shopping sites:
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