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I am trying to get a Comcast Digital Converter received in Illinois to work on a Comcast svc in Florida. When connected it shows it is downloading data but when it reaches 100% I get a msg svc has been terminated and contact Comcast. When I remove the device I still have analog svc and limited channel selection. Not sure why this occurs? The Florida Comcast account is not in my name so I am looking for an independent solution. Thanks !
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    What channels you receive from Comcast isn't dependent on what set top box you have, but what subscription tier you subscribe to. If you're subscribed to digital preferred in Illinois, but your friend/family member is only subscribed to the basic tier in Florida, no amount of fiddling around will get you the channels you subscribe to in Illinois, down in Florida.

    I suppose I should have thought of this in your previous thread, but if the Florida address subscribed to the same tier that you subscribe to in Illinois, they'd already have a set top box.

    -Wolf sends
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