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PIII 800 vs Celeron 2ghz

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July 21, 2003 7:11:02 AM

I am looking at upgrading one of my aging computers. A PIII 800. I can get a Celeron 2ghz and a motherboard very cheap these days ($230 Australian dollars) and I'm think of dropping one of these in. (This is my number 2 computer so I am not keen to spend much money on it)

How would this improve the performance of the machine?

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July 21, 2003 7:55:40 AM

this would increase performance by 50% probably...however can you give more specs of your pIII system...because there is a chance that you could upgrade to a cheep Tualatin-core celeron for a lot less because you would not have to buy a new this case performance would also increase significantly.

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July 21, 2003 8:50:56 AM

yah the p3 Tualatins are freaking sweet processors

faster than athlon xps clock for clock it seems. but dam, they ARE quite a bit more expensive.. actually alot more


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July 22, 2003 3:27:16 PM

How would this improve the performance of the machine?

Depends entirely what you are doing. For Office and Internet the increase would be marginal. For gaming you could better buy a $200 video card.

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July 22, 2003 4:11:38 PM

Yes phial the pIII tualatins are great processors...however the celerons are also very nice...if you are going to overclock you will combat the major thing that holds the celeries back...bus speed...the full fledged pIII tualatins use a 133mhz bus speed...if you get a 1.1 and crank that baby up i think you will be more than happy w/ your perfomrance.

But if you are having trouble in graphics probably is not your cpu that is holding you back...normally thats can get a 9500pro for less than 200 and that would provide good performance and would be a wise of all its agp 2x/4x/8x it is most definatly compatable w/ your board...

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July 23, 2003 2:48:23 AM

OK, let's do some approximations here:

A P4 1.4 Williamette with RDRAM provided around the same performance as a PIII 933.

SDRAM holds back P4 performance by around 20%, so that makes it...roughly equal to a PIII 800EB.

The Celeron 2.0GHz, should be about as fast as a P4 1.5GHz with RDRAM....

I'm guessing a 20-30% performance increase, tops, if you use an SDRAM P4 board for that P4-Celeron.

You could probably get more performance for less money by putting in a $200 PIII 1.4GHz, and a $20 Upgradeware Slot-T adapter, assuming your board supports 133MHz bus speeds.

For even less can get a $45 Celeron 1.1GHz and overclock it to 1466MHz on the same adapter, it will STILL outperform that Celeron 2.0GHz with SDRAM.

If you board is a Socket 370 instead of Slot-1, overclocking is a bit harder with the Socket 370 to Tualatin adapters, because they don't have onboard voltage adjustments.

And if your board doesn't support 133MHz FSB, you could use a $55 Celeron 1400, stock. This is the worst performer of the group, but still should be about equal to...that 2GHz P4 based Celeron with SDRAM.

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