New PC speakers!

I'm thinking about buying a new PC speaker, and I would like some suggestions! I want 2.1 speakers, preferably wood maden!

Thanks everyone!
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  1. budget??
  2. 200 dollars i think
  3. why not get 5.1 speakers then?
  4. It is too big for the room I have my PC installed.. But I'm a little bit audiophiliac... HAHAAAH
  5. Idk my room is pretty small and i fit a 5.1 system in here :D although one of the speakers i put on my bed lol
  6. it is too much wire too! Ì have a 2.1 wooden speaker that I really like! Much better than any other pc speaker i have ever heard! but it's not working properly anymore... one of the sattelites is not working anymore! so I want a new 2.1 speaker! =)
  7. lol alright if thats what you want

    I would suggest these;contentBody

    I have never used them but they have high ratings and look like a very nice design, plus every logitech speaker set ive had has always lasted pretty long
  8. I'll take a look! Thx!! =D
  9. if ur budget is 200, if it's possible, id would be best to get 5.1. many 5.1 systems are extremely small, and work very well also. lol, if my surround sound system didnt fit in my room, id be knocking walls down to make it fit... i believe good audio is just as improtant as good graphics/displays. thats just me tho...........
  10. I agree totally thats why im using a giant pair of 5.1 speakers with an old crt monitor hahaha
  11. I've tried these 2.1 speakers before

    Audio is crisp and a good quality with good tones and the bass from that sub is epic when turned right up

    If you can spend a bit more here is some Harman Kardon Soundsticks, very loud, again; amazing audio quality and a good sub.
  12. Hmmm thanks a lot for the tips! =)

    I'm looking foward for all of these speakers hahahahah
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