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I have a ATI Radeon HD 4350 hooked up to my LG Flatron W2340VG monitor. When I play a dvd or watch youtube it's fine. But when I stream Netflix or even try to watch my iTunes purchases there is excessive screen tearing. I know it's not the monitor itself because I just bought a new one and it did it on the old one too. I'm guessing it's the video card that I need to scrap but before I bought the video card the same tearing was happening. Any ideas?

My computer is a AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual Core Processor with 2gb ram and a biostar A760G M2+Socket AM2/AM2+ 760G mATX Motherboard. The video card is a XFX Radeon HD 4350 1024MB DDR2 PCIe 2.0 x16 Low Profile Graphics Card

I uninstalled all the drivers twice and reinstalled with the latest on xfx's website. everything else works flawlessly with the machine

Thanks guys!
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  1. good luck figuring this out, mine will tear gaming if vsync isnt on but not with video playback, I wasted alot of money and time trying to figure this out. 4 rigs,4 different video cards, 3 different monitors they all tear while gaming until i use vsync. I dont know why. Heres the video card I used
    8800gt-hd4850-9800gtx-8800gs heres the cpus
    64x2 5000+, e8400, q9400, e6850

    I wasted alot of time, cash and alot of xanax trying to figure this out, i noticed the tearing was by far the worst with the hd4850. in that rig e8400 with a BR drive and a BR disc in the drive on a new $200 1080p monitor with the hd4850 ready to relax and enjoy some 1080p goodness the movie tore like no ones business, thats what caused my major rampage on tearing and trying to figure it out

    I had and still do have to use vsync while gaming or it will tear, try messing with your screens refresh rate man, that might help. After the hd4850 i never got tearing again during video playback but every rig ive owned tears while gaming until I use vsync
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