How can I use maximum cpu capacity for an application

i need to know how can i set some application to use maximum or at least 90% of my cpu capacity?
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    When the process is running, go to the task manager, right click on the program, click "go to process," right click on the process, go to select priority, and check off "high." If you check off "realtime" you run a very good chance of having your system lock up completely. Don't do it.

    You also need to know that not all applications are made to take advantage of multiple processor cores, and are consequently not able to use up that much processor time. You also need to consider that the application will only use as much RAM/CPU as it absolutely needs. You can't force the application to use more resources just to get something done faster. Think about it like this:

    When you're driving, your car only uses as much gas as it needs. If you drive very fast, your car sucks up gas faster. What you're essentially asking is for your car to use as much gas as it would to go 100mph just to go 20mph. It doesn't work that way.
  2. People tend to buy 6 core or 8 core cpus and 16gb or 32 gb of ram ijn the hope that by getting these components it will make thier computer better. faster stronger and able to run programs and games at maximum capacity. Unfortunatly it doesn't work that way, games and programs are designed to use a certian amount of ram and a certian number of cores from the cpu. What the developer of these games and programs do is to set in thier software the ability to identify what is present in the camputer for components and then to actualy take advasntage of what you have.
    For an example a game like BF3 will run on a dual core cpu and if you have that then the game will run for you and you can play it, now if you have a quad core cpu then the game will now take advantage of the extra cores and use either three or all four cores. The same goes for the ram , if you have 2 gb then it will be used to run the game or program but if you have more then it will take advantage of it up to a certian amount.
    So there is already designed into the games and programs the ability to take advantage of the hardware that you have and operate at a higher performance level.
  3. tnx guys, now i understand that why matlab didnt use more than 15% of my cpu capacity. tnx a lot :)
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  5. I like both answers lol. Im about to implement one of those ;)
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