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Ive been meaning to get a digital antenna for my bedroom. Ive been reading reviews on sites and such but I cant seem to find any one antenna that really stands out, even ones with decent ratings all seem to be 50/50.

I just want something that will get a dependable signal and works well. Ive gone through like 5 of these and some do ok for a bit but if I move it like 1/4 of an inch I lose channels or if its even raining outside mildly I lose channels or they break up constantly.

Id like to stay around 50-60 bucks or below on price.
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  1. They are all iffy but I have had decent results with the Terk TV55. It is big though and still needs to be placed with care.
  2. Any chance you can mount something outdoors? If so, there are a host of good antennas that can receive signals more reliably that indoor antennas.
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