How to install most wanted in home basic x64

Hello, i m using home basic 64 bit, i m not able to install NSF most wanted. b4 installing a window appears saying u re qr direct x 9 or more. Even after installing it, it again appear the same thing...
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  1. You should restart the computer after installing DirectX.

    What are your specs? Perhaps your computer isn't good enough to handle the game.

    Also, make sure you're running the full DirectX installer from Microsoft's website. It will look at what versions of DirectX you have installed and automatically update you to the latest version. You can find it here.
  2. What video card do you have and when was the last time you updated the drivers ? The original install disc for the viddeo card would have come with a version of direct x and depending how old the card is you may have an outdated version of direct x , so it may need to be updated and your video card would have to be able to handle any updated version of direct x so a visit to your video cardss support page should help.
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