HP DV9 Hard Disk - SATA Connector problem

HELP.....I hope someone here has the answer to this one !

Just got a new HP Pavilion DV9 with the main purpose of adding a second hard disk. I did my research beforehand and bought the additional caddy / connector.
When I came to install the 2nd hard disk, I've found out that HP have recently changed the board layout and connectors so the kit I purchased no longer fits.

The new connector has a combination sata power/data block at one end, and at the other end, a small connector that pushes onto the main board, looks almost like a mini sata connector, aprox 10mm length and 3mm wide. It appears these connectors are also used in newer DELL laptops like the Studio line, most of the new HP DV series, some new Sony VAIOs and probably many other newer sata laptops I'm not aware of.

But my problem is trying to find the cable to purchase....I've managed to adapt the existing drive caddy but I URGENTLY need the data/power cable for the drive. I've tried HP themselves who only want to sell a complete HDD kit with overpriced drive, my HP distributor can't help and EBAY just throws up the old style connection kits.

Does anybody know this cable that I'm talking about......can anyone advise where I can purchase one of these quickly....????

I really need some expertise on this one folks...it's totally thrown me :o
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  1. I tried installing a new hard drive in my DV7t-3000 but there was not cable for the hard drive. I have everything else i.e. (hdd, mount, etc.) but im missing the cable. HP would not send me one.

    Have you been able to get a cable yet? I havent.

    jdimstrnate AT yahoo DOT com
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