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I built my own system quite sometime ago and unfortunately I don't know much programming and I have ran into troubles... I tripped a circuit breaker in my house and my computer shut down but now when I turn it on I get the windows failed to load message.... I am using windows 7 just to give an idea and the message says "the last attempt to resume the system from its previous location failed. attempt to resume again? Under that it says continue with system resume or delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu. I have tried the first option and it says resuming windows then goes to a blinking _. My question is if this fails should I do option 2? If so does that make me lose everything on the system... :/
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  1. If you go to the blinking curser then your boot order may have gotten messed uo and you need to go to the boot order to make sure that the hard drive with the OS on it is listed first. You can do this either in the bios or by pressing a key when booting , if you look at the bottom og the screen when booting it will say to press a crtan key to enter the boot options menu.
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    Resume holds an image of the state the operating on the HD when you sent it into hibernation mode. it calls that image up as it has saved all the data , or programs you had running on the system in the state they were.
    All it means is you lost what was running in hibernation mode.
    Just select the other option to boot windows like you would normaly.
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  4. Thank you both up and running again! Gave me quite a scare.
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