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Hello all,

I didn't know where to post this question but here it is anyways...
I'm planning to bye a hole new system in about a month or so from now, even though my vendor knows pretty much about computers, there are also specialized issues to consider and I want all the good advices all of you experienced people can give me.

First, over-clocking is NOT an issue for me.
I want a system that's FAST and as RELIABLE as possible,

CPU, Mobo, memmory, h.d., dvd-writer, graphics board, sound card, box, power, monitor, scanner(35mm neg.), anything else i may have forgotten ;o)

So here's what I want to be able to do with it.

I have a Sony DSC-F707, 5 megapix camera and make a lot of pictures, i use Photoshop 5.5 and want to upgrade to the latest version for photo processing. I already have a Canon S900 photo printer (wich is absolutely great by the way).

I have a Sony MiniDV DCR-TRV25 megapix camcorder with fire-wire i/o and USB as well. I want to edit video in realtime and burn them to DVD.

I also play guitar, keyboards and sing and want to be able to use my computer as a basic home recording studio.

So help me please to choose the best system I can get for around 4 000$cdn (I live in Longueuil PQ) monitor included (Great flat CRT will do fine, 19" minimum)

Thanks in advance for your time and patience,

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  1. Get a MAC!!
  2. Wheres PQ? I've been to PEI.
  3. PQ=Province of Quebec, Longueuil is south shore of Montreal
    PEI= Prince Edward Island...
  4. You going to build it buy it from a vendor?

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  5. Thats I forgot about Province of Quebec. I have family in Niagria Falls Ontario. Plus in PEI. Not too many people know what PEI means. Unless your from Canada.
  6. I new someone would tell me that but Macs are really too expensive and propriatary and i've owened a PC for 9 years now and just want to stick with it but thanks anyways for the advice.


  7. This vendor is actually a co-worker and avery good friend of mine...he's buildind wathever you want costom...

  8. buy a p4 2.4c. put it on a intel perl motherboard. get name brand ddr400 or 333. setup sata raid. somekind of radeon graphics card.
  9. I was considering an AMD based system...

  10. Hey dfoisy, im from montreal and one of my last name is foisy ummmm...I dont know if I can use french freely because english ppl tend to get offended when you dont speak english in these forums.
    Anyway I suggest you get the latest platform for P4.
    chipset 865 (ex.:Asus P4P800 DX).
    P4 2.8c
    at least 1 gig of DDR400 ram(kingston/corsair/Geil)
    Video card radeon 9600pro or Fx5600ultra
    HD: one or two Seagate 120gig Sata
    for the case i like the Antec( 1080 plus is nice...
    DVD burner the SOny AR-500 is really nice.
    I just made a computer for my friend with that kind of hardware for a bit less than 3000$ with a 22'' monitor
    Hope that will help a bit private msg me for more info
  11. Just saw AMD based....
    I dont really know about AMD but go with a nforce2 chipset with something like 3000+ I guess
  12. Good lord 4000$. Go with the best in everything.

    Here, get mine <A HREF="" target="_new">click here</A> but upgrade to a creative Audigy 2 platinum eX, AMD 3200+ and get the Radeon 9800 Pro. Hell my system is 2300$ Canadian with tax. $4000 buck, you can buy the best plus some mics and maybe the creative 6.1 THX speakers.
  13. I'm showing 4000CAD=2836USD. May or may not be right... but for arguments sake, lets ride with it.

    Motherboard - Intel D875PBZLK - 153.00
    Processor - Intel Pentium 4 2.4C HT 800FSB - 170.00
    Ram 1 - Corsair CMX512-3200C2 - 104.00
    Ram 2 - Corsair CMX512-3200C2 - 104.00
    Hard Disk 1 - EIDE 200.0GB 7200 RPM 8MB CACHE - 185.00
    Video Card - ATI 9800 All-In-Wonder Pro 128MB - 387.00
    Sound Card - Creative Audigy2 Platinum - 162.00
    CD-RW - Lite On 52x24x52x CD-RW - 40.00
    DVD-ROM - Lite On 16x - 35.00
    Speakers - Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 - 237.00
    Floppy - Teac 1.44 Floppy Drive - 12.00
    Case - Xaser III V2000A Case - 174.00
    Power Supply - Antec TRUE550 Power Supply - 98.00
    Monitor - Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB-BK - 738.00
    Mouse - Logitech MX500 - 41.00
    Keyboard - Logitech Elite Black Keyboard - 26.00
    OS - Windows XP Professional - 188.00

    Total of... 2854USD=4026CAD. I overshot a couple bucks, but I think the quality of the components makes the couple extra dollars worth it in the long run.

    If you are doing alot of video editing and such you may want to go with intel, the raw mhz help a bit. If you want it to be amd swap this...

    CPU - AMD AXP 2800+ - 165.00
    Motherboard - A7N8X Deluxe v2 400FSB - $125.00

    The total price would be 2821USD/3980CAD. A 2.4c will perform on par or slightly worse than a 2800+... some apps the raw mhz of the intel will be more useful or the larger memory bus.

    I went with motherboards that could be upgraded as far as is foreseeablely possible... the ram is at 400ddr also so you could use a 400/800fsb chip in the future if you wanted without having to get a whole new box on either the amd 3200+ or intel 3.4c (maybe 3.6c, but I dont think so.)

    Also of note is, if you are going to do anything serious soundwise you wanna go elsewhere and get a soundcard recommendation (like the soundcard forum), that is a mediocre sound card for recording/editing purposes... but it is compatible with most everything (games, players, etc.)

  14. If he's going for best he won't be getting amd... the 3200+ doesn't even compare to the 3.0c let alone the 3.2c

  15. Yeah I agree. Top end AMD's arn't the best value, p4's are same price and faster. But he said he wanted an AMD based system, so what are you going to do?
  16. I live 15min away ill make him chnage his mind
  17. Edit my post :)

  18. If i bye computer speakers, i'll go with Klipsch,
    I also thought of feeding the sound card to my old Yamaha Pro-logic receiver 110watts rms/ch. with a good pair of monitors (since i'm only interested in stereo for my computer)
  19. Et bien, réponse d'un gars de Blainville!!!

    Je te suggère fortement d'acheter une carte maîtresse basé sur le chipset nForce 2 ULTRA 400. Et de te procurer un XP 2500+ (Barton). Avec 2 barettes de mémoire DDR400 de 512 Megs, de préférence avec un CL de 2.5.

    Et pour le reste c'est à ta discrètion! Mais, un disque dur de qualité permet des lectures/écriture plus rapide de gros fichiers graphiques!!!

    Suggested motherboard :
    ASUS A7N8X Revision 2.0 Deluxe
    MSI K7N2 (Revision 2.0)

    I personnaly have a A7N8X 1.04 NON-Deluxe and I'm pretty satisfied by is stability.

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  20. Why a P4 over an AMD ? I thought AMDs where better and faster for graphics at least...

  21. Why Windows XP Pro. instead of Home?
  22. Les nouveau P4 sont pas mal plsu rapide a cause du double canal de mémoire DDR400 et du hyper-threading.
    Comme j'ai dit plus tôt, jte suggere P4P800, P4 2.8c/3.0c, 1 gig de ram CL2(kingston/corsair/geil). Ce système sera plus rapide que n'importe quel AMD...
  23. P4 vs AMD (Bien, alors)

    There is much discussion about that here. Basically
    the AMD is probably a better buy in the low to mid range processor but the Intel chips have better top end performance.

    The system proposed was very nice but you might want to consider a slightly faster processor if you can save on some of the other suggestions.

    If you ever need a boost in power from the CPU you will be able to get it by buying a faster Intel chip. Right now AMD does not look like it will get any/much faster with the present XP line.

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  24. WIN XP home cest de la merde. Il manque plusieurs trucs des services etc. Moins stable et moins flexible, surtout si tu fait un réseau.
  25. I recently made this exact computer for my friend:

    Asus P4P800DX
    2X512 Geil Golden Dragon DDR433(PC3500)Cas 2.0(
    P4 2.8c(HT/800mhz)
    Mitsubishi superflat/syuperbright 22’’
    Antec 1080AMG+ 400whatt PSU
    Seagate 120gig SATA
    Geforce FX 5900
    NVIDIA GF (A350TDVIVO-128)FX5900 128MB DDR AGP 8xTV+DVI + VIVO (RB) : 580$
    total w/taxes : Approx:3260CAN
  26. Eh la. Il y a bien trops fracais ici. Hehe
  27. So a P4 I will get, thanks for enlighted advices...

    Someone suggested memmory with CL2.5 you said CL2...what is this "CL" thing and what is the difference between both?
  28. Cl is for cas latency. The lower, the faster your ram is...
    The new P4's will run faster with lowerr CL...
  29. So if i understand correctly, right now, CL2 is the fastest on the market..
  30. Yep
  31. Mais si tu trouves de la DDR400 avec un Cas Latency de 2.

    tu vas la payer très chère!!! Si ton budget est illimité vas-y pour un P4 et de la DDR400 CL2. Mais si ton budget est limité, les processeurs AMD sont attrayants parce qu'ils ont un meilleur rapport performance/prix dans le bas à moyen de gamme.

    Voici les prix des principaux processeurs AMD et INTEL. Ils sont classés par performance de compression vidéo (DivX) du moins performant au plus performant. Le chiffre le plus petit est est le plus performant.

    DivX bench : 153 - XP 2500+ (DDR333) = 145$CA
    DivX bench : 151 - P4 2.4Ghz (DDR400) = 295$CA
    DivX bench : 140 - XP 2800+ (DDR333) = 295$CA
    DivX bench : 136 - XP 3000+ (DDR333) = 430$CA
    DivX bench : 132 - P4 2.8GHz (DDR400) = 450$CA
    DivX bench : 125 - P4 3.0GHz (DDR400) = 670$CA

    Donc, comme tu vois, les processeurs Intel sont plus cher dans le bas et milieu de gamme que les AMD... Et de plus, tu devras acheter de la DDR400 pour tier le maximum de ton Intel. Avec le AMD le DDR400 est le bienvenu si tu fais de l'overclocking. Ce qui ne semble pas ton cas.

    Alors comme tu vois le P4 3.0GHz (DDR400) est plus de 4 fois le prix d'un XP 2500+ pour environ 20% plus de performance. Dans le comparatif "compression video", le meilleur compromis performance et prix raisonnable reste le AMD XP 2800+ selon moi.

    Et n'oublie que je n'ai tenue compte que du prix du CPU, l'avantage du XP 2800+ s'accentuerais, si on tenait compte du prix de la mémoire et du motherboard!

    Donc, si tu as full $$$$, vas-y pour Intel et si tu est limité un AMD va te procurer d'excellentes performances à un prix raisonnable et l'argent sauvé sur le CPU/mémoire/MB pourrait ainsi te permettre d'acheter une meilleure carte vidéo (ATI All-IN-WONDER 9xxx) pour environ le même prix que le système Intel avec une carte vidéo moins performante.

    L'achat de PC est une question de budget et de bon compromis!

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  32. stop speaking french!

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  33. Bah the DDR400 Cl2 is not that expensive
    All CAN dollars
    256MB DDR/433 GEIL GOLDEN DRAGON 256MB DDR 433Mhz $97.00
    512MB DDR/433 GEIL GOLDEN DRAGON 512MB DDR 433Mhz $190.00
    And he said he had 4000$, no so tight budget...
    throw a PIV/2600/478/800 PENTIUM IV 2.60 (800mhz) GHZ- SOCKET 478 (RETAIL BOX) $312.00
    Its not that bad and it performs really well
  34. Intel boards, aren't those the ones that all these sites say are overpriced, underfeatured, and underperformance?

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  35. That was french? Wow, I know how to read french!

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  36. All the best boards require you either get "lower than Cas2 memory" such as Corsair's LL series, or run the Cas Latency at something greater than the memory is specified at (Cas2 RAM running at Cas2.5), or underclock your RAM (PC3500 at PC3200 speed), to get it stable. Today's memory just isn't good enough for these chipsets, they push it too hard.

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  37. Tu gato es gordo...thats as far as my french goes...oh $hit...that was spanish...ah close enough...

    Only thing i understood was es merde...

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  38. HE HE HE!!!!

    Scuze me! I'm back to english!

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  39. Reading "technical" French it'S easier than reading plain French!

    I hope you enjoyed my French ride... But I'm back to english!!!

    Et voilà!

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  40. What the heck is not nothing? Is that a double negitive?
  41. Quote:
    What the heck is not nothing? Is that a double negitive?

    Has this become Tom's Guide to descriptive linguistics? This makes me miss all the cpu fanboy threads.

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  42. Where did I say that? I rechecked my post, it said "not knowing". Clean your glasses lately? Resolution set too high?

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  43. Thank you...

    So easy to fry yet tastes so good...
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