Falcon Northwest Fragbook TLX vs Macbook pro

K money doesnt matter to me but i was wondering which one you would get and why?

i like the fact that the mac is lighter and smaller and has a great battery life but how does it compare to the falcons?

I've never been a big fan of the Macs but if i could put windows on it i could do all the gaming needs i have and still have the great battery life and portablilty of the macbook pro.

I do like though that the Falcon has an hdmi port and i just love windows pcs but i think that if im getting a laptop i may as well get a great portable one instead of having a laptop that i would just my desktop instead for.

Also are the falcons just the celvos or sagers?
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  1. Just with a quick look at configurations, here's my verdict:

    Macbook Pro:
    - 1920x1200 display
    - Only Core2Duo
    - Larger HD and cheaper upgrade to 256 GB SSD
    - nVIDIA 9400M + 9600M GT
    - DVD-RW drive
    - no HDMI
    - Cheaper
    - Looks really nice <<<<<

    Falcon-NW Fragbook TLX:
    - 1680x1050 lower resolution
    - Has the Core-i7
    - 320 GB 7200 or expensive upgrade to SSD
    - nVIDIA GTS 250M (not sure how it compares with the 9400M+9600M-GT combo)
    - option for Blu-ray
    - has HDMI
    - more expensive
    - looks so-so

    I think it boils down to what you need it for.
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    Neither. Both are over priced and both will be outperformed in gaming by cheaper systems. But you were told that in your other two threads. If you bought solely on gaming factor, the GTS 250 is a better card than the 9600M in the MacBooks. Because OSX is far more efficient than windows and the Macbook can switch GPUs, the Macbook will win with battery life.

    The Fragbook TLX is not built off a Clevo design. In fact, it looks like it is built off of MSI's 1727, which sells for half the price that Falcon wants on XoticPC.

    The Fragbook DRX, however, is built off the Clevo D900 chasis.
  3. FORCE 1656 (Built on MSI 1656) is this laptop basically the MSI 1727 but a 15 inch screen?

    Because i love the falcon but i think 17 inch screen is to big and if i could get the same one just smaller i would love to do that.

    And i dunno i kinda want it for some gaming but the reason im getting a laptop is so i can be portable and surf the web so i need good battery life.
  4. also are there any companies that have taken the MSI 1656 and made custom stuff to it like Falcon northwest has with the MSI 1727?
  5. Anyone know when the Macbook pros will be getting the new intel chips in them? Because if i could get one with that in it i probably would go with the mac but i dont have much time prob like 20 days so i dunno
  6. I never woulda bought a MacBook pro .... my son brought one home from college... It is an extremely well designed machine. I'd bet it won't benchmark as well compared to a comparably priced intel / Windows machine but it certainly seems faster "in actual use" as everything just seems easier with less wasted efforts.

    Falcon builds laptops on chassis provided by ODM' can get the same thing from the ODM's distributors.

    Check out sites like and

    I bought my 1st ODM notebook 3 years ago .... it was $4700 from Falcom...the exact machine, and I mean exact down to the last detail (components, styling, and even ODM model no stamped on bottom) was $3144 from pro-star.
  7. K thx for the help guys.
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