Crazy computer problem

Since I'm not sure what is causing this, I thought I'd post here in the cpu forum. Before I say anything else, here's my specs:

Athlon XP 1700+ o/c to 2600+ (2.09ghz)
Asus A7N8X deluxe Rev2
420 Watt Fortron psu
512 Corsair Twinx 2700 DDR
Radeon 9500 (running at stock at the moment)
Sound Blaster Audigy sound card
WD 80 gig hd
IBM 120 gig hd

Ok, the problems all started a day after I assembled it. It ran fine, up until about 11pm or so the next night. I was running a benchmark (3dmark2001) and I noticed some freaky random speckles appearing in anything that used Direct3d. It wasn't really checkerboarding, more like someone spraypainted the objects through a screen or something, like giant pixels.

I searched forums everywhere, and have found out that the a7n8x and the 9500 have crazy problems going on, although it's not necessarily a compatibilty issue.

The first thing I did was reset my cpu to stock clock and fsb speeds. Same thing happened. Then, out of freaking nowhere my computer shut off. When I tried to start it up, it would just hang. Eventually, I plugged my speakers into the onboard sound to hear the vocal post message and heard "system failed memory test"

So after endless minutes of swapping ram back and forth, in different combinations and such, I discovered that one of my 256 sticks was bad (this was confirmed using memtest86, good stick passed with flying colors but bad got nothing but errors)

So, I figured I fixed my problem and I'm not screwed out of dual channel mode, and have a horrible 256 ram in my computer. I figured I'd order more later, but my problem was solved, wrong! I then searched around and foudn the issue with the mobo battery being too weak, so I fixed that, same thing happened! I then tried upping my voltages on various things and seeing what happened, nothign!

btw, the same video glitch appears in every game I've tried so far (bf1942, sw galaxies, any benchmarking program, freelancer, etc) although in windows it appears to be perfect

My old computer (Athlon 1.1, 512 pc133, radeon 8500) was rock freaking solid, and this is really pissing me off. If anyone has had the same problem, or has any ideas of what to do please...let me know, I'm going insane. I spent all summer slowly buying these parts and now I have nothing.

forgot to mention: I also have tried the original driver it came with along with the newest one available online too
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  1. I get those grainy pixels everytime i overclock the RAM on my Video Card. Try to under-clock the RAM on ur video card and se e if that thing goes off.

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  2. sounds like heat to me...try to add a case fan or 2...

    Also disable side band adressing and force the gpu into agp 4x (via bios) see if that solves anything...

    So easy to fry yet tastes so good...
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  3. I've tried putting everything as low as it will go with powerstrip, the same deal happens.

    And I'm 99% sure it't not heat, I'm very anal about cooling (3 80mm & 1 120mm)
    I'll try disabling side band addressing (I tried 4x already btw)

    thanks for the advise thus far, I really appreciate it

    It's all good ^_^
  4. Have u checked the Video Card on some other system? Cud it be a Faulty Monitor cable? or the Monitor itself perhaps?

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  5. The video card works fine in my other computer, with virtually any driver too. My monitor isn't brand new, but it's in pretty tip-top condition.

    Update: The problem seems to have stopped after several hours of the bad stick of ram being pulled out. I'm rma'ing now, and I'll see if the problem returns when I pop in the new stick.

    It also seems to boot up tons faster now that that pos stick is out, hah

    It's all good ^_^
  6. Glad to know that ur comp is fine now. Anyways, hopefully u wont have any more problems with the new stick.

    <b>Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.</b>
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