Asus G G72Gx-X1 or G51JX-X1

I can't decide between the Asus G G72Gx-X1 or G51JX-X1. They're the same price on Newegg and both with really good specs. I really don't know which one would be better for gaming. The G72Gx-X1 has a core 2 quad 2ghz vs the g51jx with the core i7 1.6ghz. But the g72gx has a gtx 260m which is better than the gts 360m that the g51jx. Man its a really hard choice. Which one would you guys think would perform better for gaming :??: None of the other specs like screen size or hard drive space are the factor in my decision just the processor and video card.

Here's the links from Newegg.



Thanks in advanced,
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  1. I would choose G72GX because of having a better VGA,HDD and RAM the only advantage of G51Jx is having an i7 720 but since games are GPU limited then G72 would perform better
  2. Thanks for the input. I'm leaning more towards the g72gx. Well when i get my tax return we'll see which one i pick.
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