Windows 7 hangs on Start screen and cannot run start up repair

My dell n5030 laptop isnt getting past the windows start up screen. It boots up fine up to the part where the four balls become the windows logo, but then freezes there everytime. When i try to select the windows start up repair it blacks out the screen and I cant do anything.

I know its not a faulty hard drive because its newly fitted and this problem occured previously on a different hard drive aswell. any help guys??
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  1. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS.... we have fitted lots of NEW drives which when tested were crashed...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Tried all the hard drive tests. No problems found.
  3. If the issue occured with a different hard drive then it has to be another piece of hardware giving you the problem.
    I know if the computer is overclocked too far then the Windows loading will hang at the spot your talking about so because of theat it could be an issue with your cpu.
    If there is still warranty left on the laptop then you could go to the Dell support page andd enter in your aExpress service coode and get tech support for this problem.
  4. Unfortunately the warranty had just ran out a couple of months back and there's been no overclocking on it whatsoever. Possible problems with drivers?
  5. Can you load Windows in safe mode ? Then you can run the trouble shooter in the action center or do a Windows repair with the Windows install disk.
  6. The windows repair just won't work even when I run it off a CD. It'll do the 'windows is loading files' and once thats loaded up the small windows loading bar will show for a second and then dissapear leaving a lit up black screen that won't change.

    The only change I made to the laptop was removing the original hard drive (because I thought it was a hard drive problem first) and installing an ssd in its place.

    Im not too sure how to run the 'trouble shooter in the action centre' of safe mode. My safe mode does load up fine though.
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