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I've recently started up a PC Service business in my small town and am looking for a good supplier to hook up with. Please let me know your opinions and experiences. Since I'm small I'm looking for a company that will work with me as I get started.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. And where on God's good earth is your small town located? That might be somehow relevant.

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  2. Would be helpful yeah...
  3. rofl, sorry, the way u said that cracks me up!

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  4. I am in Southeastern Connecticut and have just opened a small shop. In my experience you can go to manufacturers web pages and get information on which distributors they use and then contact them. Take your time and look at multiple hardware you want to offer and see which distributor keeps showing up. I will warn you that the profit margin you will get on most things is close to ZERO. With all the different "stores" on the web, in some cases I can not buy through my distributor as cheaply as some sites are selling items. So be forwarned.

    Good Luck to you!
  5. Thanks for the info. I don't expect to have cheap prices. I just want to be able to get things for people if they want to buy stuff through me. My primary is Service and Support. If someone wants to buy products cheap then they can go somewhere else, they probably don't want my level of service anyway. I want a very small inventory to keep my overhead low. A couple companies I'm looking at are DALCO Electronics www.dalco.com and ENPC.com. I've also found that I can get pretty good prices on older stock from www.surpluscomputers.com.

    BTW, I'm an hour north of Indianapolis Indiana on US 31 in a small town named Peru.

  6. You should check the stores out at www.resellerratings.com.

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