Does This Exist? (Better Than AB Switch)

I want to control two PCs with one keyboard/mouse. Back in the day, I used an expensive AB switch (which added way too much additional cabling). Now I use a wireless keyboard & mouse, with the usual little USB receiver for my main PC. It would be so easy to have a second USB receiver for my second PC, with some kind of hardware or software switch. Of course, I can get a second usb receiver, but how would the keyboard & mouse "know" which PC I want to drive if both are connected? This seems like such an obvious & fairly common need -- is there a wireless keyboard/mouse that does this out of the box? Or some kind of an adapter, etc? TIA...

(PS -- I want to switch back & forth way too often to move the usb receiver between the two PCs)
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  1. Couple things you could get a KVM one keyboard one mouse, one monitor... or if you wanted to do dual monitor you could use something like multiplicity from stardock, basically two PC's with monitors, but one keyboard and one mouse. LCD's sit next to eachother and you just drag the mouse from one screen to the other.... There is an open source application that does the same thing and is free. But I cant recall the name off the top of my head.
  2. Not dual monitor, so I guess KVM is the way to go. Thanks!
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