Hi-Fi LP toCD transfer

I wish to transfer LP music to CD. What hardware and/or software do I need to do this?
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  1. Obviously a turntable. Any decent model will do. I would avoid those ones which have USB as they are generally quite poor quality. I use a Technics SL1200 series direct drive in preference to my better sounding belt drive model because it has near instant stop and start .

    An integrated amplifier or preamp with a phono cartridge input.

    Either a CD recorder or a computer with sound circuitry and a copy of Audacity.

    CD recorders generally cost $300 or so and use special discs. The discs are actually just the same as computer writable CD-R with some code embedded -- but they cost twice as much.

    You obviously already have a computer, it probably has sound circuitry with a line level input, it probably has a CD/DVD writer Audacity is a free download analogue to digital recording program.

    That's it -- connecting it up and operation is mainly commonsense. The only issues I have with Audacity is the input volume control can be a bit tricky -- explore Windows Sound menus for the answer.
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