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Hi I'm a little confused my girlfriend and I both have flat panel HDTV's (Mine is Vizio, Hers is LG). We were wondering why we can't get any over the air channels. Isn't that the whole reason the country switched to DTV? I shouldn't need an antenna with it right? Idk, It just seems kind of shitty that I shell out thousands of dollars, and cant even get any OTA channels
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  1. You need an antenna
  2. That's some ***. HDTV...it SAYS DTV, there is absolutely no way they cant fit some sort of antenna in there, tube tv's since the frigging 60's have OTA. lol thanks for your input. TV companies need to get there *** together.
  3. TVs of any kind have never had built in antennas except for rabbit ears that pulled out from the back. These do not work on DTV. There are indoor antennas that you might try.
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