Safe temperature for a Pentium-4 3.06ghz

hi all,

I thought it would be easy to find this info, but it appears not... so hopefully some of you guys can throw your 2-cents in :)

I've got a nice new Pentium-4 3.06ghz HT processor in a P4PE motherboard.

When idle / in windows it'll be around 42-43 degress celsius, but when its running flat out it'll be closer 49-51 degrees celcius.

I can get it running a fair bit cooler, but it requires my HSF to sound like its about to take off ( 6000rpm up from 4100rpm ).

I dont wanna decrease the life of my CPU by running it hot, so can someone tell me what the normal / recommended temperature ranges are for my chip??

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  1. Your temp is not high,actually I can tell u it is almost normal.But u can reduce a few celcius by optimising the computer case.How many fans u got in the case?

    And regarding the life of the CPU,your computer is perfectly safe.My friend is using a AMD XP2000 processor with temperatures higher than 70 c.Sometimes it goes beyond
    80.Intel is always one step higher to AMD in build quality and it is perfectly safe to work in 50 range.
  2. excellent stuff!!

    How many fans u got in the case?

    lots!! I got a nice big Antec case, and its currently got 4 80mm case fans - 2 at the back of the case, 2 at the front (1 of those cools the HDD's). I've also got a couple of fans in the PSU that seem to pull a fair bit of air round.

    in total that makes 9 fans (inc. the ones on the 3D card).

    My friend is using a AMD XP2000 processor with temperatures higher than 70

    its my first "trip" into the high power CPU's, my prev. computer ran in the 30's - but was only 700mhz :)

  3. ah the coppermine pIII's ran very cool...even mine overclocked does not even break 30c on some days....and thats with a 2.05v vcore! You cannot compare a cpu like that with a max heat output of 35watts to a p4 that puts out 60-65 watts...those are fine temps...

    So easy to fry yet tastes so good...
    Silicon: The other, other, other white meat :evil:
  4. So everything is allright.
    I am assuring u your CPU will not damage because of heat .
  5. Quote:
    I am assuring u your CPU will not damage because of heat

    I definitely like the sound of this :)

    can I quote you on this when it bursts into flames.. hehe. (j/k)

  6. I used to have that kind (Pentium IV 3.06Ghz) so expensive but really fast even you have a 80% of data in the hard disk. But as they say you have to do away with the old and keep moving foward so I bought a brand new processor :bounce: (Intel Core-2 Quad 3.0Ghz) :love: I love it! Just keep your CPU away from your legs it will cook your eggs :lol:
  7. dude not to be a dick, but that last post before yours was almost 6 years ago, i don't think he's waiting for more replies.
  8. i have the same processor and i was just searching up the same thing but my cpu running at 70% rest :O, but i have the computer since 2004 and nothing has happened thus far, and yeah i know last comment from back in 03, but plz help, i switched out the stock fan for a thermaltake key 3 already
  9. Yeah, I'm running the P4 3.06 Ghz processor in my girlfriend's new system. I guess even new computers can take those cpu's so i donated this one to her for her to use, even though she's using windows 7 (it's very fast...still). She's using the stock Intel fan that came with my Q6600, and the temperatures are around 60 degrees Celcius idle. I think 70 is quite high. Average fan speeds are around 2300 RPM, so it's quite noisy in my mind. I know last comment was ages ago, but I'm still here. =)
  10. Pentium 4's are underrated in my opinion, if your not gaming and just doing day to day activity's they do just fine.
  11. There's no such thing as an "inactive" thread on the WWW -- people are always looking for information. So it would be better to call them "dormant" threads :-) I would like to know the recommended maximum safe operating temperature for a Pentium4. I'd like to lower the RPMs of the 90mm fan attached "pull-mode" to the tower-style CPU cooler in my several-years-old Shuttle XPC while Microsoft Security Essentials is scanning, because it sounds like a jet getting ready to take off every few seconds. CPU is currently hovering around 66 degrees C. When it gets above that threshold, the fan control software (XPC Tools) revs the fan speed up. How high can that threshold be set without harming the system?
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