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I would like to use my computer as hdmi switcher allowing me to hook multiple hdmi source to the pc and then from the pc to my tv is this possible
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  1. In theory, something like this should work.

    1) Hauppauge Colossus - as your PC Input

    2) 4x1 HDMI® Switch w/ CEC Engine (Full 1080p HD) w/ 3D support - as your HDMI Switch.

    Connect your various components to the HDMI switch inputs. Connect the HDMI output to the Hauppauge Colossus installed in your PC. Connect your PC's graphics card output to the TV.

    -Wolf sends
  2. you are making this more complicated then it needs to be.

    use a pc switch with everything hooked up to it. easy cable management and your pc does not need to be on for it to work.

    a receiver can do the same thing.

    the only reason i could forsee going through the hassle of what wolf explained would be if you wanted to use a computers sound system.
  3. Read the spec on the Hauppauge card carefully. The HDMI input is not HDCP compliant so it cannot be used with cable/sat, dvd, or bluray sources. They say to use component video. As far as I know you can't buy an PC board that has HDCP HDMI inputs.
    And yes as ssddx says it makes no sense especially as you cannot use the PC as a recorder with HDMI.
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