Need advice on first HDTV purchase

Hello All,

In the near future I plan on purchasing my first HDTV. I had a couple of questions that I really couldn't find the answer to, so I came to you with your infinite wisdom. I've listed my questions below and some search criteria. Any advice and comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.


55" if possible, or close to it in size
Samsung or LG preferred
Price range under 1500 if possible

1. I was interested in this tv but couldn't find any reviews or anything about it. This just makes me feel like there is something secretly wrong with it. Can anyone she any light on it?

2. Would having a 240Hz refresh rate really benefit or would it make it seem strange when not viewing sports or high-speed video? I heard there is an option to change the refresh rate via settings?

3. I plan on hooking up my computer to the TV via an hdmi cable to watch videos. Currently I do this on a DLP but there is a lot of overscan, I believe that i read on the LCD/LED TV's this doesn't happen?

4. Are there any other things that i should know or consider?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and comment. :D
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  1. if you are hooking up to a computer i would advise going with a 60hz model and not one of the newer 120 or 240hz models. people have reported seeing display lag.

    i would suggest going with sony or as a second choice samsung.

    you should easily be able to get a 60hz 55" led lcd tv from either sony or samsung for under $1500.
  2. Thanks for the comment. After noticing your profile icon, I have to say that I actually would connect my comp to the TV for anime purposes. Don't newer TV's usually have an option to switch between refresh rates? Since it wouldn't solely be used for a computer hook-up connection.
  3. i havent used one personally but if you will accept what i've heard across this board? yes i believe they do have the option but if i remember right people state that they were getting lag even in 60hz/pc mode on those televisions. this is why i would be wary. i really havent done any research as to why this might be.

    i've been using a 60hz tv for over 3 years on my pc and there have been zero issues. a 120hz tv doesnt increase your fps (still takes a 60hz input signal!) so its not really adding there. what it does do is process an extra frame on its own hardware and add it in.

    this is why i recommend 60hz televisions. at least until i stop hearing about issues. keep in mind that it seems the issues are intermittant...not everyone seems to have them.


    as far as anime? i use my ps3 as a dvd/br player most of the time but i can use powerdvd on the pc to similar effect. we started a thread in the entertainment section you might be interested in.

    or if you want recommendations feel free to pm me. i've got over 300-350 titles and growing. (660+ total movie titles).
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