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Mine old crt monitor has gone dosent work properly anymore i wanted to buy a new lcd monitor now so can u reccommend me which is good
my main wrk is with 3ds max and maya
i am a texturing and animation artist so for texturing i need good colours and brightness shudnt be looking dull etc
secondly i also love to watch hd movies so full hd support is a must
my budget is around $300 thats the max u can say below it would be gr8 but i wnt good quality and i found dis good wats ur opinion Samsung 2233SW
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  1. Is this for professional usage or learning/hobby work?

    If it is for professional usage and you want accurate colors (once calibrated), then you need to at least double your budget at the very minimum.
  2. well its for my home but i do freelancing work on it also so a certain amount of accuracy is ok for me cant spend more still not earning that much just finished school.....(animation)
    and what do u think abt dis
  3. The good thing about that monitor is it has an IPS LCD panel which are generally know for being able to produce accurate colors once calibrated. Unfortunately, there is no review for it to let you know of any weakness. It looks good on paper (the specs), but anything can look good on paper.

    Here's a review of the Dell U2311H as an example:
  4. well i want some more views from ppl i have to buy max by next week plz suggest
  5. If you want more opinions then head over to the Display section of I post there occassionally and it is much more active than this Flat Panel Display sub-forum.

    Regarding the Viewsonic, here are some reviews of it:


    I can't really make a recommendation with a $300 budget, perhaps someone can help you out over at
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