NZXT Cryo LX Laptop Cooling Pad

Hi all!

I just decided to put a thread here to get some advice. I looked into getting a laptop cooling pad and found the Cryo LX was one of the best. I have a 18.4 inch display and it says that it is compatible up to 19 inch so I hope it won't be hanging over. I have a VGN AW11s/b and it can get quite hot after a good few hours of gaming and I can't play it off the desk as the desk starts getting quite hot, so I lean the fan off my kitchen table. I hope the cooling pad will raise the laptop and make it possible to play on my desk.

That's what I am hoping, but do any of you have any advise against this plan or any information I may be missing. This is just a double check before I buy it that's all.

Thanks in advance!

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