New system up and running, thx for help

I just got my new system up and running - thanks to everyone for all the good suggestions.

Old System:
PIV 1.3ghz
256mb RDRAM
Intel 850gb mb

New System:
PIV 2.4c @ 2.88ghz
512mb PC3200
ASUS P4P800 I865PE mb

It has overclocked very easily and is still running very cool. I'm tempted to push it over 3.0ghz, but I think I'll wait a while and see how this runs for a bit longer.
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  1. Nice little OC you have there. To go beyound 3.0 Ghz buy a new HSF. Zalman CNPS7000 AL/CU.
  2. What is your case - and brand/product # of memory?

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