What difference does s-video make?

Hello, there is an s-video slot on my dvd and tv so i bought a cable and connected it, however the original dvd video cable still has to be installed and i dont see any difference. am i doing something wrong?
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  1. S-Video is just another way to transfer video from your DVD player to your TV. It can transmit a better resolution than an RF (coaxial) or composite cable (yellow video), but worse than component (red/blue/green), VGA (d-sub 15), or HDMI. Of course, if your TV cannot display a better resolution than coaxial or composite, it doesn't really matter.

    As for why it's does seem to work, what video cable are you currently using and was it still connected when you connected the S-Video cable? Did you remember to change the TV's input to s-video?

    -Wolf sends
  2. Some TVs share a single input that has S-Video and composite video connections so you have to go into the setup menu and change it to S-Video.
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