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When I connect my HDMI cable to my laptop and the TV my PC screen goes black. W

Last response: in Windows 7
November 3, 2012 10:41:11 PM

When I connect my HDMI cable to my laptop and the TV my PC screen goes black. When i take out the cable it becomes OK
a b D Laptop
a b $ Windows 7
November 3, 2012 10:46:28 PM

So when you connect the HDMI cable and you laptop screen goes black does the tv display your desktop ?
a b D Laptop
a b x TV
a b $ Windows 7
November 3, 2012 11:41:19 PM


Your CONTROL PANEL for your video card has different options for how you view things.

For example:
1) Show the SAME image on both screens (laptop and TV).

2) HDTV only.

3) LAPTOP only.

4) Laptop as MAIN and HDTV as Extended screen. (and vice versa)

Be aware that to get AUDIO on the HDMI cable you likely have to do this:
1. right-click the lower-right audio icon and choose "Playback Devices"
2. select your HDMI audio device
3. set as DEFAULT

You'll need to switch BACK again to get your desktop speakers.

**Recommended Video Software:
K-Lite FULL Package:

During setup, select from the HARDWARE DECODERS. More info on internet if confused. Also during setup, choose the WMPC-HC program (not WMP; Windows Media Player) as the default device. Should be pre-selected anyway.

Also, get the latest DRIVERS for your video from the laptop site (not AMD/NVidia site).

- get latest VIDEO DRIVERS from laptop site
- learn how to setup two screens (HDTV might be NTSC_1080p60 for example) and choose how displayed (Laptop as MAIN, HDTV as Extended likely).
- K-Lite FULL
- Learn to SWITCH the audio from Speakers to HDMI and back.
- May need to DRAG the Media Player from laptop screen to HDTV

*Easiest method for viewing video is to assign the HDTV as the MAIN SCREEN and DISABLE the laptop screen.
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