HDMI Graphics Card for Dell Optiplex/Help with VGA to HDMI Converter

I have been frantically searching Google all day for some help with a problem I have.

I have obtained a Dell Optiplex GX 620. it's rubbish and old however all I want it for is to play my media files on my TV & act as an HTPC.

Only output it VGA and TV input is HDMI/Scart/Component.

Bought a VGA to Component lead which doesn't work at all.

Bought a graphics card with HDMI output and it didn't fit.

Bought a VGS to HDMI converter box and it's not fully working. The TV displays the Dell Load Screen, and then the Windows XP Load Screen. Then the screen goes blank.

Unplug the lead and put it in a regular Dell Monitor and it works fine (I'm actually using it now).

There a few other people on Google with the same problems but none I have found with an adequate answer.

I am guessing it's not the box as I am getting something. I have tried to alter the resolution and that won't work.

I thought it may be a driver issue but those searches have not come up with an answer either (Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD60).

The reason the graphics card didn't fit was 2-fold. First was that the black bit on the back which I presume makes the magic happen was too big so a new one would have to be super thin (it was low profile). Second was the slots. It had VGA, HDMI & DVI however there is really only space for 1 output as the unit is very thin.

I realise that the most obvious answer is throw it in the bin and get something decent but I am on a budget of pretty much zero as in 3 months I'm off travelling for a year. Got loads of films 7 TV I want to watch before I go :)

Any help would be appreciated. if I return the VGA to HDMI converter I could stretch to £50 for a graphics card but it would have to be super thin.

Or if anyone can solve my problem with a driver or a setting I could change that would be even better.
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  1. It would probably help if we knew what graphics card you tried to use as well as which form factor GX620 you have (Desktop, Small Form Factor, or Ultra Small Form Factor).

    You can go here if you do not know.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Sorry Wolfshadw. I have the small form factor model and this is the graphics card I bought

    I think a low profile would be OK as after I posted I realised there was an extra slot underneath the one I used. But the other issue still stands, I really only have space for a graphics card with 1 slot so it needs to be HDMI or DVI.
  3. Ok. I think I see the problem. The hard drive is in the way of the graphic card's heatsink. This EVGA GeForce G210 should do the trick.

    The VGA to HDMI converter box should be working for you as it did bring up the BIOS screen and Windows XP loading screen. My guess would be that it is some sort of resolution issue, but you said you tried different resolutions. Before spending more money, try reconnecting this converter box and boot you system into safe mode. This should bring up the desktop at a very low resolution and allow you to manipulate the resolutions while you find one that works.

    -Wolf sends
  4. Thanks for that. I will try that later as the computer is at home. Hopefully that will sort the problem out.
  5. I'm having a similar issue using a converter box on a Dell optiplex gx520... load screen shows but then goes blank. Did you ever find a solution for the converter box? or, did you end up finding a video card?
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