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Hello this question is about bandwith usage (internet usage)

Lately my internet usage has been high 5gb+ everyday! and i havent download anything lately if so less than a GB. Ever since then i read more about bandwith use and noticed that playing games such as online watching youtube opening tabs visiting sites increase your bandwith overtime...

For me I like to have many tabs, a game thats 1gb memory (task manager) running, and in those tabs are maybe 1 youtube, 2-4+ google sites of different things...

In 8 days ive accumulated 60GB. I have 90GB capacity and 25 days left to go i have to limit my use... of?

Thats my question please help me and advice what do i limit on to not use too much bandwith? Is it my gamnig that causes bandwith? too many tabs you guys tell me ty
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  1. What games are you playing?

    Have you ran any scans in case if your computer had been infected and turned into a spam-bot?
  2. yes i have BItdefender total security 2013 and it autoscans and havent detected anything beside that i did it manually myself to make sure.

    Games i currently play is Dota 2 through steam and Aion through Ncsoft.
    I usually play with multiple tabs open while playing windowed screen with one of those games. I just recently got a bandwith monitor and the more tabs i open while gaming eats up my bandwith and ive been doing that lately...

    i have roughly 30gb or less i have to limit my self but idk which to limit myself on playing games? Opening too many tabs or both?
  3. ive figured out the problem...I THINK

    its not the online games (not including updates) that eats up bandwith but its my youtube usage i usually watch videos and watch them at the highest quality whether its 720p or 1080p. I just realized that it eats 3.5mb/s watching 1080p i watched a video 7min long or something and racked up 1.30gb
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