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AMDzone have posted a logo refering to 'Speed N' and that is its coming soon ?!?

Obviously this is Nvidia related but what the hell is it ?! Just curious thats all.

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  1. This also drives me crazy maybe its...CRUSH K8?

    Yep there ya go..
  2. The same discussion on Aceshardware: someone thinks its to do with the new overclocking tools for NForce2.

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  3. Naa...something with K8 processors..

    Yep there ya go..
  4. It's a software overclocking utility which previously named NVOverclock. You can use this tool to overclock the nForce2 based mobo in Windows.

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  5. Why are they releasing this now when K8 Crush m/b and A64 are coming out soon. Wont this drive people towards Athlon when the emphasis should be on Athlon 64 ?

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  6. This has also been discussed in the nForcersHQ forum. Some think its the overclocking utility, some think its a new name for the drivers, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. Maybe it's a unified driver which combines detonator and nforce2 drivers in one, with some OC utils :smile: ...
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    "Now just one simple 800Mb download! no more fussing with separate driver sets, and tweaking the BIOS.. select your system performance from 4 options:
    <b>b)</b>Slightly Overclocked - Oc your FSB 10%
    <b>c)</b>Heavily Overclocked - OC by 50%
    <b>d)</b>Cheat mode - simply detects all benchmarking software, and hacks it to give better scores. also reduces graphics quality to increase performance, and blames futuremark and/or ATI for any problems."
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  8. lol...that sounds like the nvidia all right

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  9. now <i>that</i> was funny... :lol:

    I was also wondering what the hell that Speed<i>n</i> sign stood for...

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  10. Points shotgun at Chipdeath
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  11. actually i think nvidia is getting too lazy to hack the just distorts the score screen to make your benchie scores look 3x faster than what they are

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  12. Here here, stirred the nVidiots all right!

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